Friday, 1 March 2013

Vintage bag- Better late than never.

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't blogged in ages, I've been really busy preparing my portfolio for interviews so I've been a bit of a hermit and haven't really left the house! 

At the beginning of last month, I took a trip into London to do some project research, and of course found my self getting distracted by some of the wonderful vintage shops that were about. I spent ages in one shop looking for a new handbag. I knew exactly what i wanted (I always do this, definitely not a good thing because I won't settle for anything different) and was very disheartened when I couldn't find it, especially after missing out on a few on eBay! 

I got home and complained to my mum that I still couldn't find my perfect bag anywhere, I described it to her as a Tapestry Doctors bag and explained that I wanted quite a small one, but one that was big enough to fit everything I need in it, and asked her to keep an eye out for one. She then went on to say "I bought one of those 25 years ago!" This was not what I wanted to hear as it made me feel one hundred times worse knowing she used to have one in my very house! I told her this and she replied "No, I still have it! I know exactly where it is!" she then whizzed off upstairs and returned with this bag! It was exactly what I had been looking for!  I am so happy with it so I thought I'd share my little story with you! Me and my bag have been inseparable over the last month! 

What do you all think of it? Hope you like it! 

And Leah and her bag lived happily ever after...


  1. So cute.

  2. I had a search through the link, but believe it or not I am really unsure of what would work for us.