Saturday, 5 March 2016

Arbonne Review

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well. I know it's been a while since I last posted but I've been really really busy with trying to get the ball rolling for my final fashion collection for uni, alongside a 10,000 word dissertation. Busy, busy, busy! However I did manage to fit in a surprise trip to Krakow, in Poland for a few days back in November. It was absolutely beautiful there, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to go on a city break! Whilst I was there I got chatting to Rebecca Marsh, an Arbonne Independant Consultant, who told me all about their products. She explained to me how all their products are vegan, they are botanically based and they are free from any nasty chemicals, parabens and perfumes. Any of you who keep up to date with my blog will know that I have quite sensitive skin, so these products sounded perfect for me! Rebecca very kindly sent me over some bits to sample when we got back to England.
As you can see, the Arbonne range has very simple, but distinctive packaging, which I feel reflects exactly what it stands for. No frills, simple beauty products with pure ingredients.

Seasource detox spa- foaming sea salt scrub- I am always a fan of body scrubs because I find that I feel a lot more refreshed after using them. I really like this particular scrub as has a really nice texture and feel to it. It smells very fresh and natural which means that using it on my sensitive skin isn't a worry. My skin feels lovely and soft, and very fresh after using this product.

Seasource detox spa- detoxifying rescue wash- I love the smell of this body wash, it has a sort of lemony/minty smell which is really unusual but really refreshing and feminine! I loved starting off my day feeling fresh, I could also smell the body wash throughout the day which I thought was really nice. This rescue wash costs £30 for 473ml and I would definitely be interested in getting some more.

Calm daily moisturiser- This moisturiser is really lovely as it's incredibly light to apply and spreads smoothly and evenly. It has no scent to it, which is what I like to turn to on days when my skin is feeling a little sensitive, as I know that there's no perfume to irritate it further. I found when using it at night that the moisturised feeling lasted through until the morning, which is something I usually really struggle to find.

Calm soothing eye gel- I am a very keen user of eye gels, any of you who have read my previous blog posts will know that I usually use the simple eye gel at the beginning of my daily makeup routine. I have recently started using the Arbonne soothing gel in the place of my usual one and I absolutely love it. I find the consistency of this eye gel much thinner and lighter than the one from the simple range, which means I can use it in the evening without it feeling wet for ages, or making me feel more awake. I also feel as though it has brought down some of the puffiness in my eyes caused by lack of sleep recently. (Uni has been very hectic lately.) It definitely is very soothing especially after a long stressful day at uni. It dries very quickly which means I don't have to wait very long before starting my makeup in the mornings, which is very important when i'm not blessed with time at this stage of my degree!

Calm soothing facial serum- since my skin is naturally dry and sensitive, I don't find that I really get spots, so the only thing I felt the need to sooth were dry patches of skin near my eye area. I did feel that this serum did what it said it would, however I feel that someone whos skin was feeling a little more tender than mine may benefit more from this product. Perhaps for use near spots or more chapped kind of areas.

FC5- hydrating hand creme- I loved this hand cream as soon as I opened the bottle because it smells so good! Being a fashion and textiles student means that I do a lot of work with my hands, therefore they usually need a little bit of looking after. I must say, hand creams are usually my least favourite product as I always find that they leave my hands greasy and I just end up washing it off! Even the apparently non greasy ones! I didn't find that at all with the FC5 Hydrating hand creme. It feels very light when I put it on and it absorbs really quickly- even on me! I also found that it didn't irritate the drier patches on my hand which is very unusual for me! I think this is because of the lack of perfumed ingredients. Despite this lack of perfume, it has a lovely natural lemon scent to it, which makes it really enjoyable to use and I cant stop smelling my hands.

ABC Arbonne Baby Care- Hair and body wash- I sometimes like to use baby products on my skin when it's feeling a little sensitive, as I find it doesn't irritate or upset my skin, As you can imagine I was delighted to see that I had been sent some baby products to test out. I used this as a body wash and not as a shampoo but I could really feel the difference on my skin, it feels very smooth and has a lovely subtle floral scent, apparently from the natural essential oil blend of cotton seed, hibiscus and sandalwood. It is £17 for 235ml which I think is a really reasonable price as you can't put a price on lovely soft skin! I'd love to order some more of this as I really can notice a long-lasting difference when I use it.

The Arbonne essentials energy fizz sticks were my absolute favourite product that I tested. I can't say enough good things about them! I drank this at breakfast time, about 9am, and within half an hour of drinking it dissolved in water, I felt so full of energy! Which believe me, is very rare for a third year fashion and textiles student to say! I felt energised and motivated throughout the whole day, until bed time despite not getting much sleep the previous night! I would definitely like to buy more of this product because I've been really struggling with my energy levels during my third year, and these are perfect size to carry around in your handbag and drink when you're on the go! Another great thing about the energy fizz sticks is that they taste amazing! It's like having sweets for breakfast, but without feeling the guilty sickly feeling afterwards. There definitely is a taste of pomegranate in them, but with a hint of sherbert! Yummy! 

I hope you've all enjoyed reading my Arbonne review and that you consider giving some of the products a go! If you're interested in trying anything out or would like some more information, just send Rebecca a message here or search Rebecca Marsh on Facebook. Once again, I'm really sorry I seem to have vansihed off the face of the earth for a while! I rarely get a minute to myself because of all my deadlines! I'm sure it'll all pay off soon though and I can't wait to share my final collection with you guys! 

Feel free to ask me any questions about the products I've tried for this blog post, or even about whats been going on in my final year of uni! Or even comment just to say hi! I often think about you guys who always comment on my blog posts! (you know who you are!)

I hope you're all well and hopefully soon I will be back into the swing of regular blogging again! :)