Monday, 14 January 2013

New year new blog!

I know we're already two weeks into 2013, but better late than never right? Towards the end of 2012 I decided there's a few changes that I'd like to make for the new year. One of them being to create a blog!

I wanted to be able to share my thoughts, mainly on fashion and show you all some of the ways I put outfits together to create different looks, and I also wanted to give a little insight into my thoughts. So although it's taken me two weeks to make a blog, I've actually kept one of my new years resolutions!

As well as this, i have quite a few other resolutions that i'm really trying to keep! 

-Stop worrying!

This has got to be my main resolution this year. I'm a massive, massive worrier! I tend to panic over a lot of things and often end up making myself more stressed than I need to be. This year I'd really like to learn to stop and think calmly about things, instead of instantly jumping to the worst case scenario in my head! 

-Get my work done before it's due in!

Okay, so I say this every year, but this year I really really want to strip me of my self-given title "The Queen of Procrastination"  During Sixth form I found it quite difficult to motivate myself, and ended up trying to distract myself from what I know I should have been doing. It wasn't until I got into Ravensbourne (where I am currently studying) that I got a sudden surge of motivation! I had a bit of an epiphany (which also included a bit of a panic) realising that if i carry on with a lack of motivation, I may never achieve what i want to in life! So this one's more of a 'keep it up' resolution than a change my ways one. 

-Be more organised!

I'm not great at planning out what needs to be done and when i should do it! So this year I'd like to organise my time a little better, I'm sure I'll get a lot more done this way too!

These are the main things I've been trying to stick to for the past couple of weeks, and so far I'm very pleased with myself! What resolutions have you set yourself?

I'm sorry if I've blabbered! That's another big trait of mine that i'm not sure a resolution will change! :)


  1. Welcome to blogging! I can't wait for some outfit pics :)